About Jonas Piontek

The sky fascinates me, weather fascinates me.

Both capture me on a level that is not describable by simple words. This is why I want my photographies not to only look great but to also transfer my emotions and memories into something that has the power to revive these powerful impressions that I gained on my travels. I want to share this passion that I'm living and forward this fascination to viewers across the whole globe.

People might say I‘m crazy for chasing bad weather during the nice and warm days of the year and while I agree to some extend, I think the stunning views that come along with severe weather justify my unusual passion.

Especially considering that I create photographs - A small fraction of a whole scenery - one might think even further and find themselve agreeing on the incredible scale of natures most impressive displays. 

Only few see that the way to get this these photographies is a long and hard one. Hours of preparation, hours, days, hundreds- or thousands of kilometers of traveling, just to be in the right place at the right moment. Sometimes you might even fail totally, but the good times keep you going full of enthusiasm and passion for something that is bigger than ourselves.